The A Word: Judge and Jury

St Agnes Hotel
This months blog has taken on a slightly different format.  I’ve written a little ode which I hope you enjoy.  It does have a point which I'll get to later. 

The Fake Psychic

Three years ago
At a village fair
A Psychic called out
Hey you “beware”

Me? I said
Why what’s in store
Sit down she said
I’ll tell you more

An hour passed
A tenner I paid
What a story
She conveyed

I left her tent
Not a minute too soon
What a loon!

I found my man
To tell my tale
I wanted to share
All the detail

Jamie I said
The psychic's a fruit
I have to say
I’ve had a real hoot

A virus will come
And the world will stop
From China she said
A bat in a shop

From bat to human
The virus will form
And spread really quickly
With no time to warn

It’ll have a name
After a Mexican beer
And it’s going to be
Very severe

The pubs will close
The shops will shut
All sport will cease
And no haircut	

The Psychic said
We’d be locked at home
Like being in jail
We can only phone

All travel will stop
All borders secure
She was totally convinced
There’d be no cure

A jab we’ll have
To help a bit
And then a second
For another hit

And after two
We’ll have another
And we’ll still get the virus
It’s a real mother…

We’ll work from home
No office banter
No Christmas party
No secret Santa

The schools will close
Kids learn on-line
While parents drink
Gallons of wine

We’ll count the cases
Every day
And run a spreadsheet
With a numbers display

And when we think
It’s all in hand
It’ll come right back
Under a different brand

What’s you view?
I asked my man
The same as you
A bloody scam

We sat and laughed
And laughed some more
This story was funnier
Than we’d heard before

But who's laughing now
Three years on
"Corona", is here
She wasn't wrong

I'd heard on the street
A bet she did make
That the world would stop
That Psychic's no fake!

With my tenner too!!

Most of us would have judged this fictional Psychic as a bit of a loon, especially given her ridiculous story. But, if we’d believed it, we could’ve cashed in; I reckon the bookies would have given us at least 100/1 on a story like that 3 years ago 😊

Moving on from the funny side, I’ve been judged on decisions I've made in the past and it’s taught me a very valuable lesson – never judge anyone, you may think you understand but you never truly know the whole story.
It’s easy to judge people and expecially those who live with chronic pain.  For me, the winter months are much more difficult as the level of pain increases with the damp and cold.  There are many folk who put up with much more pain that I do too and when people are unhappy and depressed due to their health condition, they are often judged for being moody. Depression often comes along with a chronic illness and can also be caused by medications. People need help and support with this, not judgement.

At the other end of the scale, when people are smiling and trying to stay positive like I do, it’s sometimes suggested that there’s nothing wrong with them. “They obviously don’t have pain if they can smile”.  In St Agnes here in Cornwall there’s a saying made famous by an Aggie legend and it continues to be used throughout the village every day– IT’S NICE TO BE NICE (and it really is).

Until next time, wishing you a Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year.  Don’t make any new year resolutions, they’re a waste of time, especially DRY JANUARY!

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2 thoughts on “The A Word: Judge and Jury

  1. Hi Andrea,

    I hope you are doing well and finding the winter months not too hard!!

    I completely resonate with what you said about being happy and positive and people then being surprised when you have to take some time out for yourself – something I have got a lot better at and not feeling guilty about it!

    I hope you have a lovely Christmas and send love to you and the family.

    Lots of love, Nat xxx

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    1. Hi Nat, thank you, Its great to hear from you and I loved your NYC photos, they were amazing. Its such a great City.
      Have a wonderful christmas with your lovely family xxxxx


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