The A Word: Do you have time to waste another day?

Here we are in January, the worst month of the year. It’s cold, there are no festivities, we’ve spent all our money, already failed the new year’s resolution, eaten too much over Christmas, and it’s dark. To top it off, some bright spark invented dry January. So, what better time to think about how toContinue reading “The A Word: Do you have time to waste another day?”

The A Word: 10 simple tips for starting your own business

Blimey, I’m very late with this blog, but I have some big news!  I am 4 chapters away from completing my book, so I’ve been busy with that. There’s still a long way to go as I’ve got the edits, which will take time.  I will need to read my book twice, once to makeContinue reading “The A Word: 10 simple tips for starting your own business”

The A Word: Welcome to Dystopia

I love laymen’s terms. A simple language everyone can understand. I enjoy learning but dislike unnecessary words and as I don’t have a great attention span for detail simplicity is good. When the “dummy” books were introduced I thought all my Christmases had come at once; they’re so useful. Apparently there are 240 of themContinue reading “The A Word: Welcome to Dystopia”

The A Word: 9 life lessons we learn too late!

We’d all be mega rich if we knew things ahead of time; imagine if we could predict the lottery numbers!  Unfortunately, we can’t but perhaps some of the mistakes we’ve made along life’s journey help us make better decisions today. Here are my top life lessons I wish I’d fathomed out earlier 😊. Before youContinue reading “The A Word: 9 life lessons we learn too late!”

The big secret revealed! How to live your best life

In this month’s blog I’m going to chat about miracles. Well, not exactly miracles, but it feels like a small miracle to me and, even better, its backed by science. When I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease affecting my spine I was convinced I’d end up in a wheelchair by the time I wasContinue reading “The big secret revealed! How to live your best life”

The A Word: 8 Precious Tips for holidaying in Cornwall

In my opinion Cornwall is the most beautiful place in the world. Well, I haven’t actually been to all the beautiful places in the world but Cornwall must be up there with the best. Jamie and I spend a good deal of time walking the Cornish coast path and drinking and eating in the localContinue reading “The A Word: 8 Precious Tips for holidaying in Cornwall”

The A Word: It was one hell of a ride!

Hi everyone, this month’s blog is about “experiences”. The definition of which can be described as “an event or occurrence which leaves an impression”. The experience I’m going to chat about today definitely left an impression, but what kind of an impression I’m about to share. Apparently it’s better to spend money on experiences thanContinue reading “The A Word: It was one hell of a ride!”

The A Word: Wired and Tired!

“It wasn’t like that in my day”, was my Nan’s favourite saying.  I used to laugh at her stories of the “olden days” but it’s crazy how time flies and now I find myself saying the same thing. I remember in the “olden days” Dr Hunter visiting our house with his leather case and stethoscopeContinue reading “The A Word: Wired and Tired!”

The A Word: A tale of two halves

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. It’s a tale of two halves, the past and the future.  I was intrigued to know the number of times I’d been asked the question I’m going to answer in this blog so I counted and can officially confirm it’s 74. Over the last 6 months 74 peopleContinue reading “The A Word: A tale of two halves”