The A Word: Eat, Sleep, Relax, Repeat

“Eventually all the pieces fall into place.  Until then laugh at the confusion, live for the moment and know that everything happens a reason”.  The first stage of our house move is complete, our “stuff” is in storage and we’re in Cornwall.  It was very tiring, and I didn’t sleep particularly well for the daysContinue reading “The A Word: Eat, Sleep, Relax, Repeat”

The A Word: Self Promotion or Bragging?

Hats are my new “go to” accessory.  Until recently I thought they were only worn at weddings and Ascot, but they are proving very useful due to my unplanned “bouffant” hairstyle.  I was beyond excited when I bumped into my hairdresser in the high street last week; they are hopeful of a 4th July openingContinue reading “The A Word: Self Promotion or Bragging?”

The A Word: Is Happiness Overrated?

2020 has certainly packed a punch so far and there are mixed opinions on how quickly we should return to normal.  I can see both sides of the argument and protecting life should always take priority.  Whilst the furlough scheme has protected some, many other people have suffered because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, so I’mContinue reading “The A Word: Is Happiness Overrated?”

The A Word: Easing Lockdown – Week 3

OK, this hasn’t been my best week but before I go into detail about why, I wanted to talk about “curiosity” and then all will become clear.  We all know the saying “curiosity killed the cat” but personally, I don’t think curiosity is cat specific. Curiosity is the desire to learn about anything and someContinue reading “The A Word: Easing Lockdown – Week 3”

The A Word: Easing Lockdown – Week 2

The weather has been amazing this week in London and the South of England; I love the Spring and Summer so much. We’re in the 2nd week of easing the lockdown and we’re definitely making progress as a Country.  Jamie and I are very sociable people and our calendar is always full at this timeContinue reading “The A Word: Easing Lockdown – Week 2”

The A Word: Easing Lockdown – Week 1

The easing of lockdown has started but it hasn’t made any difference to our daily life, we still can’t see our family which is frustrating.  Whilst I accept the strategy and understand why this is the case, it did make me smile when the gradual return to school was announced;  the youngest children returning firstContinue reading “The A Word: Easing Lockdown – Week 1”

The A Word: Lockdown – Week 7

It’s sad that we’ve had to cancel the majority of the VE Day 75 community celebrations due to take place this weekend although it’s the correct decision so people can stay safe. The VE Celebration organisers are encouraging us to take part in the ‘Nation’s Toast to the Heroes of WW2’ at 3pm this FridayContinue reading “The A Word: Lockdown – Week 7”