The A Word: A Beginners Guide to Arguing

We’ve finally exchanged on our Hampshire property with completion on 7th September so it’s going to be a busy time.  We can’t move in right away as the house was a complete rebuild of an older property so there’s no curtains or carpets and the delivery on these is around 3 weeks.  It’s  taken longerContinue reading “The A Word: A Beginners Guide to Arguing”

The A Word: Don’t doubt your “Gut Instinct”, it’s your Superpower

We still haven’t exchanged on our new house in Hampshire, it’s so slow! As the property is a complete rebuild of an old house there’s one outstanding point on the planning document to be resolved which we hope will be early next week. We’re also having some work done on Beech cottage here in Cornwall.Continue reading “The A Word: Don’t doubt your “Gut Instinct”, it’s your Superpower”

The A Word: I Would Walk 500 Miles

It’s been a wonderful week spending time with our family. Our grandchildren give us so much pleasure and laughter and our new grandson is growing so quickly he’s nearly out of his Moses basket.  It was also incredibly hot and now we’re back in Cornwall it’s noticeably cooler but more humid which isn’t great forContinue reading “The A Word: I Would Walk 500 Miles”

The A Word: A Cause for Celebration (or not!)

Everyone who sees my social media photos must think we have sunshine 24×7 in Cornwall so I thought I would post a blog picture in the rain for a change.  Jamie and I have full waterproofs and I love to walk in the rain; I really appreciate the smell of the earth as it hasContinue reading “The A Word: A Cause for Celebration (or not!)”

The A Word: Behind the Mask

Life is St Agnes is great.  The weather has been amazing, and our work has started to pick up too which is really good news.  Our Hampshire house is nearing exchange and we’re just waiting for the searches to come back which have taken longer than normal due to the backlog from lockdown.  We’re anticipatingContinue reading “The A Word: Behind the Mask”

The A Word: Winners and Losers

Cottage life is suiting us well and we haven’t given much thought to our five crates of “stuff” in storage.   When we purchased Beech Cottage last year we were nervous about the prospect of the downstairs bathroom, but we don’t even think about it now. It also has its advantages; arriving home from a longContinue reading “The A Word: Winners and Losers”

The A Word: Up Shit Creek

So, what happened?  The official term is “up shit creek without a paddle”, a Scottish slang term meaning to be stuck in a bad situation without anyway of fixing it. The bad situation being ‘shit creek‘ and the ‘paddle’ being the solution.  Our shit creek incident happened last Saturday during our walk along a sectionContinue reading “The A Word: Up Shit Creek”

The A Word: Eat, Sleep, Relax, Repeat

“Eventually all the pieces fall into place.  Until then laugh at the confusion, live for the moment and know that everything happens a reason”.  The first stage of our house move is complete, our “stuff” is in storage and we’re in Cornwall.  It was very tiring, and I didn’t sleep particularly well for the daysContinue reading “The A Word: Eat, Sleep, Relax, Repeat”